Laser Acne & Acne Scarring Treatment

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Understanding Acne

While most people think of Acne as affecting those in the teen years, Acne can also be a struggle for many adults with aging skin. Acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States. For reasons no one completely understands, follicles, often called pores, overproduce cells and sometimes get blocked. Sebum (oil), which normally drains to the surface, gets blocked and bacteria begins to grow. It is this bacteria that is responsible for the formation of acne. This can often leave pitted scars after the acne heals.

Treatment for Acne includes the use of Acne Lasers as well as properly selected skin care products to maintain results.

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Treatment for Superficial vs Cystic Acne

Based on the depth and type of the acne, different lasers or treatments can be used for the best outcome. Listed below are the treatments that can be performed to assist in the resolution and improvement of the different forms of acne.

Superficial Acne
  • Topical medication can be prescribed by your doctor to improve superficial acne. These are usually antibiotics and should be limited in their long-term use due to the harmful effects on your gut biome. 
  • Superficial Laser and Light-based treatments can be used to remove the bacteria that are causing the acne outbreaks. A series of treatments may be needed to produce a 3-12 month result in acne clearance. The lasers used for this treatment are fractionated lasers and the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL or BBL/BroadBand Light) treatments.
Deep Cystic Acne

An oral medication called Accutane is reserved for this type of condition but has known side effects that limit its use. It is only prescribed by a dermatologist and its use is highly regulated and limited.

A viable long-term and safe treatment option is available at Lasting SkinSolutions®. It is a laser treatment called SkinTyte that sends heat to the depth of the sebaceous gland rendering the gland inactive. One to three treatments can be required.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring

Laser treatment for acne scars aims to minimize the appearance of scars from old acne breakouts. A substantial amount of people who have acne have some residual scarring, either as indentations or redness.

Laser treatments at Lasting SkinSolutions for acne scars focuses laser energy towards the top layers of your skin, to break up the scar tissue with a Profractional type fractionated laser. While this treatment doesn’t completely remove acne scars, it can reduce their appearance and also improve the overall appearance of the skin. Light based treatments such as the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can reduce the redness associated with acne scarring as well.

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