Penile Enhancement

Non-Surgical Male Enhancement

Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic procedures, a groundbreaking treatment is capturing the interest of many men. FDA-approved fillers can now be injected into the penile shaft and glans (head) to increase length and girth with minimal downtime. These injections have the greatest impact on girth specifically, but can also moderately increase the length. More than a physical enhancement, this treatment can boost self-esteem and sexual health, setting a new standard in men’s cosmetic treatments.
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Prior to treatment we will use local anesthesia. This treatment takes only 30 minutes and patients can resume normal activity directly after treatment. Through the use of filler, patients are able to see immediate results, with full results seen in 1-2 weeks time. Sexual activity can be performed about 48 hours after treatment in most cases. If you have any discomfort, please contact our office before engaging in sexual activity.
The results seen from treatment depend on the product used and the patients’ metabolism.

Because the treatment utilizes hyaluronic acid fillers, there are far lower risks than other methods, such as penile implants. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, so reactions to these injections are rare. Also, if the patient doesn’t like his results, there is an enzyme known as hyaluronidase that is able to instantly break down the hyaluronic acid and disperse the filler.

There are possible side effects with these injections. They include pain, swelling, bruising, bumps, lumps, development of cysts, skin irregularities, and inflammation. If a blood vessel becomes affected, this could lead to erectile dysfunction. Other effects can be an uneven distribution if the filler migrates.

Good candidates for these procedures are self-conscious about the width/girth of their penis. That is the primary change made with these injections, girth, although there can also be some change in length. Patients need to be aware that these are not permanent changes. The penis should maintain its larger shape for up to 18 months. Patients also need to realize these injections generally add girth, but not length. These changes are when the penis is in a flaccid state, as well.