BeautiFill Fat Transfer

All-in-One Contouring System

BeautiFill Fat Transfer System

As we age, sometimes we end up with too much volume in some places, and not enough in others. At Lasting SkinSolutions, we can gently remove fat cells from the places you don’t want excess fat, and use that for volumizing and contouring in the places you do.

The BeautiFill treatment combines gentle laser liposuction, and the processing of fat cells for fat transfer to another area, all in one step. The BeautiFill system is far superior to all previous methods of fat transfer. This device allows for a smoother and easier recovery than that of traditional liposuction, with the added benefit of highly viable fat transfers to areas you’d like to enhance.

This process harvests fat cells with extraordinary vitality for natural aesthetic contouring. BeautiFill can use fat from a donor area on your body to naturally smooth all areas of the face, hands, and body.

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How Does BeautiFill Work?

The process uses a laser to gently heat the tissue surrounding the fat cells to allow for more fat to be removed from the area of the body being treated. This process is gentle enough to not disrupt the fat cells and keeps them healthy and intact. The results from this process are small uniform fat cells that have a higher rate of viability. We then take this harvested fat to fill areas of the face, hands, or body that need volume and contouring. This procedure allows for more precise placement of the fat, resulting in a smooth natural look.

Fat Removal

BeautiFill can gently remove fat cells from the places you don’t want excess fat.

Common areas to remove excess fat include:

  • Stomach
  • Neck
  • Upper Arms
  • Flanks
  • Inner Thighs
Restoring Volume

BeautiFill uses your body’s own refined fat to provide a large amount of volume that can be injected the same way dermal fillers are without the limitations of only a few syringes.

Common areas to restore volume include:

  • Face
  • Under Eyes
  • Jawline
  • Temples
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Corner of Mouth
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Hip Dip
  • Breasts


We encourage our BeautiFill patients to practice a healthy lifestyle prior to / after their procedure in order to achieve the best possible results. Weight fluctuation after the procedure can affect the areas targeted for the liposuction and fat grafting, so it’s important to maintain your health and your weight.

The BeautiFill treatment is very comfortable and is performed under local anesthetics, which eliminates the risks that are associated with using general anesthesia. Additionally, the BeautiFill laser’s energy provides the added benefit of less bruising and swelling that’s often seen with other fat harvesting methods.

Our BeautiFill patients can expect approximately 48 hours of swelling, bruising, and mild soreness following a small treatment involving minor fat removal from the abdomen and transfer to the face. The recovery time will increase for more involved cases that target larger volumes of fat removal and transfer.