AirBrush Facelift®

Our Innovative Anti-Aging Technique

Non-Surgical Facelift

New research has shown that bone, fat, and tissue loss are more important factors in aging than once thought. Dermal fillers help to restore the three-dimensional structure of the face beneath the skin. This is achieved using a new and innovative facial restoration technique developed by Lasting SkinSolutions® called the “AirBrush FaceLift®”.

This minimally invasive injection technique uses a customized approach that lifts and tethers for a multi-directional pull combined with an airbrush type technique to fill in facial folds or depressions, thereby producing an airbrushed result. 

woman receiving facial treatment
close up of acne before treatment close up of acne after treatment

Actual patient results.

The Future of Anti-Aging

In the past, the standard approach was to fill facial folds to combat wrinkles with minimal volume. With the AirBrush FaceLift®, we have transformed the way we think of our options for restoring the youthful face. The AirBrush FaceLift® method, pioneered by Kim Schuchardt, is a non-surgical facial volume restoration technique utilizing a strategic analysis and specific injection technique. The process uses dermal fillers to replenish the lost volume, as well as to reshape and re-contour the face for a more youthful appearance. 

The economic cost analysis with products producing short-term results inhibited the use of larger volumes. Now with the advent of fillers that can last safely up to 10 years, we are able to produce results that last as long as surgery! Get in touch with our Fitchburg anti-aging experts today to get started.