Our Mission

The Lasting SkinSolutions Approach

Look and Feel Your Best

Over the past 25 years of service, our mission has evolved to better serve the emerging needs of our clients. We take pride in helping our clients look and feel their best at any age. 

Our experienced and friendly team of professionals continuously challenge themselves to exceed industry standards of care by seeking ongoing training and staying abreast of new treatments on the horizon. 

We have the knowledge, expertise, and years of experience to help you find the treatments that are right for you and guide you through the process with a full treatment plan. We help you visualize what it will look like with a customized 3D camera photo of you! No other clinic in the area can do that for you!

Lasting skin solutions team
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Dedicated to Bettering the Health of Our Clients

With the onslaught of stressors that one faces today, we have felt the need to add internal health and wellness to our focus of services. By helping your body to be in balance hormonally you are ensuring the best possible results with treatments as well as feel better in the process. Studies have shown that being in balance with regards to your Testosterone, Estrogen and Thyroid levels will decrease the incidence of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease!

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