Chin/Jawline Enhancement

Increase Your Confidence

Get A More Defined Jawline

A sharp, defined jawline is definitely a sign of youth and exudes a sign of good health. With aging, the skin around the jawline can become looser and less defined. However a well-defined jaw can help you look younger at any age.
Men typically have more projected chins resulting in a squarer appearance, while women often have a narrower angled appearance.

If you have struggled to get the jawline you’ve always desired despite diet and exercise, or have been predisposed to never have a defined jawline or have always had a weak chin, we have a non-surgical option to give you the chin and jawline you’ve always wanted.

man smiling and looking in mirror
woman side view close up of jawline before woman side view close up of jawline after treatment

Actual patient results.

Jawline Enhancement Options

For patients of all ages who want to boost their appearance and add balance to their facial features, we are able to offer the option of jawline contouring as well as non-surgical chin augmentation. Both women and men can take advantage of injectable cosmetic products to create a contoured jawline or defined chin that frames the face; a weak or poorly defined side profile can be improved.

Jawline and chin contouring is done along the bone of the lower face and at the tip and sides of the chin. Fine placement of fillers such as newly FDA approved Restylane Defyne, along with Restylane Lyft, Radiesse or Sculptra can be placed to help define the jawline area.

However, there are differences in technique and shapes to produce a difference in results for male and female patients. Contouring a man’s jaw with fillers requires the development of angles and straight lines to enhance the bone structure of the individual. A balanced profile for a woman is characterized by soft curves, which feminize the face. Men and do well wider and more projected chins resulting in a squarer appearance, while for women, a narrower angled appearance is preferred.