close up of lip before laser hair removal
close up of lip after laser hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal Madison Before and After

This permanent laser hair removal Madison area patient was tired of combatting painful upper lip waxing and plucking. Determined to find a permanent hair removal solution this patient contacted our Wisconsin medical spas to schedule a cosmetic skin care consultation. After meeting with our Madison dermatologists, our Wisconsin skin care professionals determined a set number of laser hair removal treatments to give this patient optimal results.

When you’re ready to be free of embarrassing body and facial hair, turn to our laser hair removal Madison area experts. Our Madison dermatologists help you achieve the flawless, natural-looking results you want. Don’t be a prisoner of unsightly body or facial hair anymore!

Contact our Wisconsin medical spas today to schedule your laser hair removal treatment.

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man's chest before and after laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Madison Before and After